9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen

The name comes from a German-Roman Emperor's dynasty (1138 to 1254), the most famous was Frederick I Barbarossa. His idea was to unite Europe.

  • 19th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
  • 20th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
  • 9th SS Panzer Regiment

Division Leaders:

  • SS-Gruppenführer Wilhelm Bittrich (until July 1944)
  • SS-Oberführer Friedrich Wilhelm Bock (August to October 1944)
  • SS-Brigadeführer Sylvester Stadler

The forming of the division began on December 31, 1942 in France. The training took place during 1943. The division was made up mostly of 18-year-old mobilized soldiers, part of the staff came from the LAH division. In March 1944 the division moved to Poland and in April it was active under Tarnopol. In June 1944 the division was sent to Normandy, France, where it took part in rough battles under Caen, Avranches and Vire. From August to September 1944 the division retreated to Arnhem through Rouen and Brussels. The men rested in the area where the allies landed their planes. These were destroyed. Parts of the division battled in the lines of the Kampfgruppe Harzer. From December 1944 to January 1945 the division participated in the Ardennes' offensive in the area of St. Vith. From there they moved to Hungary in January 1945. At that time the division consisted of 17,000 men. From February to March 1945 the division had rough battles West of Budapest and retreated through Austria. On May 5, 1945 they surrendered to the US forces in Steyer.


Cuffband Hohenstaufen, runic symbols SS on the collar patches.

12 men from this division received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.