37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow

The name comes from a Prussian lieutenant general and a Freiherr (Baron) Adolf von Lützow (May 18, 1782 until December 6, 1834), who in February 1813 led the Lüzowische Freikorps.

  • 92nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
  • 93rd SS Volunteer Cavalry Regiment

Division Leaders:

  • SS-Standartenführer Waldemar Fegelein (on the photo)
  • SS-Standartenführer Karl Gesele

The division was formed in Pressburg from February to March 1945. The 8th and 22nd SS Divisions were merged together to form a bigger division and the Hungarian Defence Force division' s remains and the leftover men from different formations' were also added to it. To stop the Red Army from moving forward the Kampfgruppe Keitel was formed on March 30, 1945 from the division and its leader was SS-Sturmbannführer Karl-Heinz Keitel. The battle group was sent to the area between Gloggnitz and Neukirchen on April 1. The Kampfgruppe consisted of the 92nd SS Cavalry Regiment, 37th SS Artillery Regiment, 37th SS Pioneer and 37th SS Field Supplement Battalion. On April 8, 1945 the whole division was sent on the front. On April 10, 1945 they were on the Marchfeld defence line with four battalions from the 27th Hungarian Division and tried to stop the 46th Soviet Union Army's aggression. The division battled and retreated to Marchegg, where in May 1945 they surrendered to the US units. The Kampfgruppe Keitel surrendered near Enns.


No insignia.