22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria Theresia

The name comes from Austrian Empress Maria Theresia (May 13, 1717 to November 29, 1780) from the Hapsburg Dynasty, who had a feud with Prussian King Friedrich the Great.

  • 17th SS Cavalry Regiment (September 1944)
  • 52nd SS Cavalry Regiment
  • 53rd SS Cavalry Regiment
  • 54th SS Cavalry Regiment (?)

Division Leaders:

  • SS-Brigadeführer August Zehender

The division was formed in spring 1944 in Hungary out of two regiments of Hungarian Volksdeutches and the 17th SS Cavalry Regiment's (which was formed out of the 3rd SS Reiter Regiment) veterans from the 8th SS Division Florian Geyer. Only the formation of the 17th and 52nd SS Regiments were finished when these units were sent to battle under Debrecen. In October 1944 the 53rd SS Regiment joined them.

From November 1944 to February 1945 the division and the 8th SS Division Florian Geyer battled in the garrison of Budapest, where they had difficult street fights with the Red Army. Division was destroyed in the battle. Out of the few Hungarians who survived and other unit's remains a new SS Brigade Ney was formed and its leader was SS-Obersturmbannführer Doctor Karoly Ney. The brigade retreated in May 1945 to Austria, where they battled on the Vienna front.


Karstblum flower's symbol on the collar patches.

3 men from this division received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.