1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

  • 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment (January 1944)
  • 2nd SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment
  • 1st SS Panzer Regiment LAH

Division Leaders:

  • SS-Obergruppenführer Josef "Sepp" Dietrich (until July 1943)
  • SS-Brigadeführer Theodor Wisch (until August 1944)
  • SS-Oberführer Wilhelm Mohnke (until February 1945)
  • SS-Brigadeführer Otto Kumm

Regiment Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler was formed in September 1933. The division was first in battle in September 1939 in Poland, in the area of Warsaw and Modlin. After conquering Poland, the regiment was active in Czech in October 1939 after which it was sent to the Western Front. During a blitzkrieg the LAH moved unstoppably in Holland and managed to occupy important bridges. In France, where the LAH battled from May 10, 1940 to June 25, 1940, the regiment was on the battle front of the attacks. They had rough battles near the Wormhoudt village. Securing the win near Dunkerque, the regiment and the SS-VT managed to easily break through the French defence line on June 6, 1940 and after a week the LAH had joined the tank corps of Wehrmacht in far South near Vichy.

In April 1942 the division was sent to Greece through Yugoslavia, where they fought the English and managed to win several times. On November 6, 1941 they moved to Southern Russia. The regiment participated in the Kiev, Uman, Crimea and Rostov battles. By June 27, 1941 the division had 10,796 men.

In the winter of 1941 and 1942 they had rough defence battles in the Donets area. The division suffered great losses and was sent to Northern France from August to November 1942, where they could rest and rearrange the units. By the end of 1942, 20,800 men were in line and ready to battle.

In January 1943 they moved to Ukraine, where from February to March they had rough and exhausting battles between Donets and Dnepr and they reoccupied Kharkov. In July 1943 the division had battles from Belgrad to Kursk. In summer of 1943 the regiment was active in Northern Italy. Afterwards they moved back to Russia where they had difficult battles from November 1943 to January 1944. In spring 1944 the division was sent on a vacation in order to be reorganized in Northeastern France and Belgium. From June to October 1944 the division participated in rough battles in Normandy. From there they retreated through Belgium to the area of Aachen. From December 1944 until January 1945 they participated in difficult battles in the Ardennes, after which they retreated to the Bonn area.

The division was sent to Hungary where it had rough battles in February 1945 and had to retreat through Austria. On May 8, 1945 most of the division surrendered to the US forces in Steyer area. 1,500 men with 16 tanks surrendered, the strength of the division in June 1944 was 19,700 men.


Cuffband "Adolf Hitler", the letters "LAH" on the shoulder patches, runic symbols "SS" on the collar patches.

52 men from this division received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.