The Officer of the Republic of Estonia

Right after graduation Paul joined the Estonian army as a junior soldier at the age of 21. From that moment on his life continued in a uniform. In the uniforms of Estonian, Red Army's and German army. In his heart he only had the Estonian uniform, to which he remained loyal despite the uniform he formally wore. After the junior soldier's time at the 8th Infantry Battalion in Valga, Paul began his studies on September 1 in Tallinn National Defence League's Military School in the aspirants' class in pioneers' branch. He graduated on July 30, 1935 and got all rights that the aspirants' class graduates had back then. The students were probably evaluated in the 12-ball system back then. Paul had good grades in handling weapons, army regulations, road building and being familiar with destruction works.

His army service continued. At first in Tartu 2nd Single Infantry Battalion as an aspirant. Then, after passing the competition exams, he joined the Military School's officers' class where he studied from September 1937 until August 1938. On August 12 he received the officers' class graduation certificate no 410, which was signed by the Military Education Institution's Senior Colonel Kasekamp. His grades vary between 7 and 11 in 24 subjects. Paul got good grades in preparing for battles, air defence and air force tactics and artillery and communication studies.

He was then prepared as an officer to serve his country. He got the Ensign rank and started his service in Valga, this time at the 3rd Single Infantry Battalion. On the Republic's anniversary on February 24, 1939, Maitla was promoted to Junior Lieutenant with the President's ordinance. In 1939 and 1940 Paul was the national defence organizer-instructor in different Tartu gymnasiums. He was able to pass on his knowledge in the same place where he had got them.