Before the Beginning of the Big War

A man becomes understandable in blending in with the time and space that surrounds him. Where, when and among whom he was born and lived. What were these people like. What kind of surrounding prepared Paul Maitla for the big challenge, which was called the fight against the red Russia.

In Territorial Corps as a Group Commander

Paul's service in the Estonian army was short. Already the end of 1939 showed that something dangerous was in the air. More than 25,000 fully armed Red Army soldiers marched into Estonian bases. What was to happen of Estonia in a situation like that? What was going to happen with Estonian army?

The Second World War, which began on September 1, 1939, and its icy breath reached the Estonian units through the Russian bases. Paul Maitla wrote in his journal: "When the war began in September 1939, I felt that we will not be untouched." It became even more clear, as written by Maitla, when "our little Estonia" disappeared from the world's countries. This was the time when the Estonian units were changed into parts of the Red Army. The first part of Paul Maitla's journal concentrates on that and this is meaningful in so many ways.


It seems that Paul Maitla realized something already then that is still unclear to some people even 50 years after the war ended. He realized that the Soviet Union was a state, which will begin expanding all over the world because it was mad of the idea of the world's revolution. "When a suitable moment comes," he wrote, "They will destroy the obstacle zone of communism between Russia and Europe – the Baltic States – and will continue their way towards the West." At the same time he discusses that Germany cannot remain indifferent towards Russia until the end of the war. Germany was the only country capable to stop Kreml. England and France were not able to "stop the communist Russia's attempts to expand towards west" in Maitla's eyes. The essence and meaning of the words inside Maitla's journal are slowly reaching us now, when the home of communism in the Soviet Union has collapsed and a lot that was confusing before, becomes clearer. One of those things was the giant plan Groza according to which the whole Western Europe would have been destroyed.