Vacation. Death was Closer than on the Front

We remember that Harald Nugiseks was seriously injured or at least shaken during the bridgehead conquering. This was also mentioned by Karl Gailit. This realization was even more confirmed by a widely spread photo of Nugiseks in Türi military hospital. When the author of this text asked Harald about getting injured he shook his head and said: "I came out of the bridgehead conquering battles without a scratch, but…"

Everything started out great, after a brave and heroic battle Harald was sent on vacation. He still remembers this beautiful day because on his way to his unit a surprise was waiting for him. He met a senior officer from a neighbor unit, the 23rd SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nederland. Harald doesn't remember the officer's exact rank. He also does not know if he was Dutch or Flemish. The officer, having noticed Harald, took a giant dagger (that's how the officer called it) from his belt and gave it to Harald thanking him for his courage in the battles. He also said the following positive words about Estonians: "We have good neighbors on the front, this way it's good and safe to battle!" All this attention and the comrades respect plays an important role in each soldier's morale. Harald's heart was singing, not because he got away from the front, but because he could go home. At home his loved ones were waiting for him. And so the soldier started his way home where everything was always much nicer than anywhere else. That was exactly what he was fighting for – so that each Estonian would have his home to go to, that the land would be theirs and free for living, to restore the Republic of Estonia.