The Martyrs who saved the Humankind

The direct mocking of Estonian war prisoners ended in the Russian camp. From June to July 1945 something totally unexpected happened, which does not fit into any of the schemes that have been offered so far. An army was organized out of the war prisoners. Men were divided into squads, groups, companies. They were put through drill trainings. Russian officers were ravished by the Estonian soldiers' perfect drill steps, not to mention their singing. These were the right kind of soldiers, that's what the Russians sincerely thought! Harald Nugiseks was also in these lines.

We can now discuss what this all could have meant. It is very likely that in the secret cabinets of Kreml several plans where made at that time how to end the Red Army's campaign following the tradition of 1812, when they reached Paris. And why not conquer the whole Europe? But Europe isn't any kind of line when one has strong weapons in his hands. For all this extensive preparations were made. The German war prisoners were planned to be used during the new war or in the homefront service, to crush the worldwide imperialism and create a paradise for the proletariat.

Why these plans were not fulfilled? It's possible that the first set backs came from Potsdam where US President Truman told Stalin about the atomic bomb explosion in the Nevada desert. The plans were probably completely stopped after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear attacks. It is very likely that because of these bombs the Russian tanks did not roll over the whole Europe. Were the people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the martyrs who saved the humankind?