The Gates of the Third Hell Are Opening

Harald Nugiseks arrived to his home in Vanaõue in Järva County. Nobody had expected him to ever return. His loved ones thought he had either died in battle or in the West, in Czechoslovakia, imprisoned and then killed. Nugiseks had gone through several deaths, but was still alive, well and at home. Many authors have described mothers who see their children again, whom they thought were dead, and then pass out. Human body is not programmed to deal with great misery nor with great happiness.

Nugiseks found a job as the quality inspector in Türi forest range and everything seemed to be going well. But it all started again. How was it possible that in here, in Estonia, a man lives in freedom who had led the attack against the Red Army under Narva, who had killed tens of Russians in battles? A man who had been congratulated by General Commissar Litzmann personally? It all was in the newspapers in the spring and summer of 1944. The state's security doesn't seem to realize at first what has happened. Did it happen because of the big mess in Russia?

The author of this text has the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic's Security National Commissariat's file (sledstvennoe delo) number 1061 concerning Harald Nugiseks, the son of August Nugiseks. An order to arrest Nugiseks again was given on February 14, 1947 by Tapa security Lieutenant Filtsenok and it was confirmed in Tallinn by security Major Pirkov. For some reason the order was approved by Estonian railway security's Lieutenant Colonel Pirodov. In total there are five signatures on this piece of paper. And all of them are accusing Nugiseks according to nothing other than the infamous paragraph 58 of the Russian NFSV Criminal Code – crime committed according to LA and being capable of escaping from the prosecutors and from the court. But on the previous day of the arrest's approval, on February 13, the security issued an order number 2036 to Lieutenant Filtsenok, saying that he can arrest Nugiseks and search his apartment. Even the address was marked on the order from where the "criminal" can be found: Vanale, Sjarevere, Jarvama.

On His Knees

The circle was getting smaller. Nugiseks had been warned, some advised him to escape. He had been wanted in Türi for three days already, but he was still in his father's farm in Vanaõue. The fatal February 13, 1947 arrived. Nugiseks was walking along a road, he met one acquaintance who said: "How about if we go to Türi railway station and have a glass?" And so they did. In the station they were surrounded by 9 men, one of them was Lieutenant Filtsenok. Their documents were checked. Even the man who brought him to the station as an agent was checked. Harald Nugiseks was immediately arrested, it means that he was arrested before the arrest was approved. He was now arrested for the fifth time. Nobody told him the reason why.

A trip from Türi to Tapa followed. It was one of the most humiliating trips this soldier had to go through. He was alone with bare hands, surrounded by nine security men. He was on his knees on the bus floor. Was it fear before the hero or simply mocking? The lower the person is of spirit, the more he desires to demean the person who is more dignified. Their pleasure was sincere.