In Latvian Soldier's Uniform

When autumn and school time arrived, Harald once again went to Paide Trade School to continue his studies. When his classmates were thinking of joining the German army, Harald shared their plans. He began his service in the 185th Eastern Battalion, which was formed in Tallinn (precise address Narva Road 44). Harald Nugiseks, who was then 20 years old, became a soldier for the first time. The training took place in Tallinn where Nugiseks received his first uniform which for some reason was a pre-war Latvian soldier's uniform.

Before Christmas 1941 the Eastern Battalion was taken to Narva, where they set up their unit in the Hermann Fort. And the young soldier hardly was aware that it was right there where in three years time he has to battle with the force that attacks from the East with terrible power.

January 6 the 185th Eastern Battalion was sent from Narva to Jamburg, which became the location of the battalion's first company. The men battled in Volossovo area, which was partisans' estate. They had to watch over railroads, bridges and houses. The volunteers had a year-long contract that ended in September 1942. The Germans then presented a new piece of paper to sign according to which the men had to serve until the end of war. The men did not like the German's behavior and they left the service arbitrarily. Harald Nugiseks and other Estonian men arrived to Estonia at the end of 1942. He once again greeted his parents in Vanaõue. It was nice. It was safe. It was home.