Comrade Nugiseks, Join the Party!

The Great Russia was a land of huge contrasts. The horrible Russian and the extremely friendly Russian lived side by side, the latter one agreeing to give his last shirt to the needy ones. He doesn't mind giving his things away so that the others would feel better. The Russians are hiding within themselves the fire-breathing atheist that battles with God, and at the same time pious person, to whom God himself could look up to in order to learn to be religious.

One day Russian men came to Harald's house, carrying a bottle of vodka and some papers. Their faces were so friendly and revealed only the sincerest emotions. And they didn't keep their intentions a secret for a long time, they were direct and clear: "Comrade Nugiseks, join the party!" They had been thinking about it and discussing it and found that this kind of a good worker, nice person and a friend should be in the party. The proposal was more than surprising to Nugiseks. It was like lightning from the clear sky. But the question was how do you say no to good people.

Nugiseks tried to explain that he had been in the German army and would not be a suitable member in a Leninist-Stalinist party. However, the proposal makers were aware of the fact that Nugiseks was a Fascist but this could all be settled. Then Harald spoke of the communist occupation's rawness in his homeland Estonia and that he cannot be a servant for this kind of power. The Russians still didn't give up. He only had to write an application, they would support him. It was getting awkward. It was only when the Russians heard that if Nugiseks would join their party he would be killed in his homeland, that they gave up pressuring him.


While they were in exile, Selma and Harald had a son Tõnu. But then came a big tragedy. Selma, who had survived tough times, fell ill and died. Nugiseks was left alone with his 2-year-old son. After his wife died, Harald left Tõnu with his acquaintance who worked in a kindergarten and came to Estonia for two months. In Estonia he met his old friend Laine who lived with her daughter Mare and son Jaan. Laine was a widow. And Laine had enough courage and love. He agreed to go to Siberia with Haralad to bring Harald's son home. This way the fate brought together two people, who needed support and knew how to give it to each other.