What is The Club of Friends of the Estonian Legion?

The CFEL consists of people who have a dear memory of the Estonian Legionnaires. We try to attend events and communicate with old heroes. The heroes, who battled in the Estonian Second War of Freedom – in Izium, under Nevel, Cherkassy, on Narva front, Auvere, Sinimäed Hills, Krivasoo, under Oppeln (and not only there) – and did what soldiers had to do. They fulfilled the duties of men by protecting their beloved Estonia from the recurring of the Red Terror.

Tens of books have been written about them by today and this tradition must continue. It is nice that there are some memorials set up to honor those who from 1941 to 1945 battled against one of the most baleful and barbarian regimes in the world. These places, together with sacred groves, should be holy places for the young Republic of Estonia. Without this battle the system would have never stopped existing and the world would still agonize in endless misery.

The veterans of the Estonian Legion meet each year in the west corner of the Grenadier or Hell’s Grave Hill to remind themselves: here we battled, and here our fellows died while protecting Estonia. When will the representatives of our government dare to go there and say three simple words: “Thank you, men!”

We are not ashamed of this battle nor are we ashamed to say to you: “Thank you, men! Thank you for protecting the homeland during probably the worst era of Estonian history. When the assassin was knocking on the door and the family needed protection. You did not hesitate to place your lives on the altar of freedom. You did not escape to the west over the sea. You battled and let 80,000 fellow Estonians escape from death. This is a huge number for a small nation. And after the battle you did not fall on your knees in front of the assassin, you did not become his servants. You went through Gulag hell with your teeth crossed, so that you could return, at least those who survived, to your small and beloved Estonia. You had to tolerate bullying, but you never gave up – blue-black-white lived in your souls, as well as the thought of free Estonia! You raised your children in the spirit of freedom, believing that one time the sword will rise again and the chains of slavery will be broken. Yourbattle ended successfully, Estonia is free once again. Yet we still have to pass the big filtration process and wipe the lying gang of the occupation’s followers from the altar of freedom. I thank you once again, men! The roads to your battling places, which’s soil is fertilised with the blood of the best sons, should never grow in grass!!”

With respect,
Andri Ollema, CFEL

For those who are interested in joining the CFEL, send an e-mail to elsk@eestileegion.com, keyword “ELSK”. And then we will talk longer.