The history has shown that only those nations are strong and free, which are able to learn from its own and other’s history, who love the homeland and the nation, its culture and history. And what’s more important – love its heroes, thanks to whom we exist and live freely.

As a young boy I participated in the events at the end of the 1980s when the flame of freedom was once again lit inside the Estonian people. People wanted to come out of the sleep of slavery and crush the breed of traitors, who more than fourty years had danced to the occupants instrument and made a spider’s web around its people. It seemed to be working at first, we managed to restore our freedom together, the dream, which everyone had anticipated, finally came true – the Republic of Estonia. Our national flag rose to the tower of Pikk Hermann. The heroes who had been in our hearts all our lives, should have been acknowledged on a national level, but this did not happen. “Former” red men had silently gained power and started to make their own rules, own new history, which is nothing more than a farce.

Estonian people are accustomed to suffer and others have eagerly taken advantage of that, scarying people and blinding them with complete nonsense about beautiful tomorrow – tomorrow, where one Estonian should be looking for the trail of another Estonian. The land would belong to strangers.

Years and years have passed. We can discuss the War of Freedom selectively, some even dare to do it on the government level. At the same time we see that in reality the traitors, whose main purpose is to live on the account of its people and ride on their backs, prostrating in front of the East and West, do not care about it at all. The memorials of the War of Freedom are getting covered with moss, it is rare that someone takes wreaths there. Most important dates of the War of Freedom are on work days, so that the people cannot organise any festive gatherings. The situation is especially bad with the men who battled in the Second War of Freedom, because the state has forgotten them and they are remembered only when elections are coming or when self-profit is involved. The rough truth – that the former Prime Minister and performer of the Republic of Estonia President’s duties, Professor Jüri Uluots, along with the whole former elite of Estonia, including the representatives of the churches, supported battling in the German uniforms, calling it the continuation of the War of Freedom or the Second War of Freedom – has been forgotten. What’s most important, these men were supported by the Estonian people. The leaders of the present Republic of Estonia want to enjoy all benefits, calling themselves the rightful followers of the former Republic of Estonia, but what they ignore are the duties that follow with these positions. The first and most important duty would be giving the national status of the Freedom Fighter to those who battled in the Second War of Freedom. There still is no decent memorial in the Sinimäed Hills, which also clearly reflects the respect towards history that the current leaders have. But at one point there should arise the will to act according to justice – for once in their lives act like real men. The President, who himself comes from the family of refugees, should look into the mirror atleast once and think who were these men who enabled about 80,000 Estonians to escape to the West, while they were having battles here which were full of sacrifices. They were the heroes and no story-teller nor careerist could beat that. They saved a small nation from dying. This battle lived on in these people, who heard about it, they lived knowing that Estonia is a country worth fighting for and if fate wants it, you should be prepared to die for this country. I would like to hope that the government dares to lower its head for the sacrifice of the men who battled in the Second War of Freedom, and sends its representatives to each Freedom Fighters’ event. They fought, they didn’t run away in fear. They were not afraid to remain Estonians and carry inside themselves the national thinking.

Next to the former nomenclature communists, spies and their followers, there are also careerists, globalists, homosexuals and other powers who take care of the national world’s decline in the lines of the leaders. Figuratively speaking it can be said that a bag has been pulled in the head of the nation that dreams of sunrise, what’s more, the bag has been closed with a rope and it’s being pulled tighter, and the nation is being trained to pull the rope tighter itself. This way it might happen that we never see the sun – what’s even worse, this rope will eventually take away our oxygen.

On April 20, 2007 the time was right and The Club of Friends of the Estonian Legion (CFEL) was born, which is a nationally disposed Brotherhood. The Club includes us, the men who have for long years worked with the men who battled in the Second War of Freedom in order to keep their legacy alive, we have supported them, they are a part of us and we are a part of them. Since the actions on the government level are either lacking or minimal, we found it is time to join the forces and let the end justify the means.

If there are those who find that they share our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our activeness to fight for a mutual matter, they are welcome to join us.

Ladies and gents, there is only one Estonia – the free Estonia and it is time to end the era, where people are ashamed of their real history and are bullied for their beliefs. Force lies within unification, which has let us stand still for centuries, despite our enemies, don’t let anyone change that – let’s join our forces!

Andri Ollema
CFEL Board

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